3 things you need to know about Ukrainian Brave Brand

3 things you need to know about Ukrainian Brave Brand

We keep working and will never give up

On 24th February, we woke up to a certain sound. We didn’t know what exactly that sound was, but the one thing we knew for sure - we had never heard that before. Explosions. But with each of them, we became even closer and stronger, so our CHERESHNIVSKA team decided never to stop sketching, sewing and designing.

We keep working and present our brand and story to a global community. We keep sticking to our statements. Ideas of Recycle and Upcycle are deeply in the DNA of our brand, and we continue working on them by deepening our knowledge of this topic, learning new technologies, and looking for innovative solutions. 

With eternal desire to evolve.

We keep hiring people 

We keep providing jobs for Ukrainians to support our country, to help the people brace their families, and to help the Ukrainian economy function despite difficult times. 

We seek talented people to teach, support, and develop our culture. The social activity of the brand is also of great importance to us. We have a mentoring program for fashion design students to help them to understand all processes and launch their first collection. Last year our intern won the competition of young designers with the support of the Ukrainian Fashion Week.

We keep reflecting a modern world through our designs and prints

We keep preparing new collections driven by a strong core idea with consciously-created pieces. Communicate with you through the prism of our designs. All of the prints are hand-drawn by our creative director Anastasiya Rozava. 

The upcoming collection concentrates on what is happening worldwide and separately as the development of acceptance of events for the individual. Talk about Ukraine as much as possible, wherever possible. And never let yourself and others forget it. 

Thank you for supporting us with your attention. Appreciate!🤍


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