About us

We believe that design combined with artistic value and a sustainable practice will always matter.
CHERESHNIVSKA a is a Ukraine-based unisex brand founded in 2016. We are focusing on innovations and sustainability. Till 2024 50% of production will be made from recycled items. All our designs are available in very limited quantities.
Most feature the unique hand-drawn prints by our creative director Anastasiya Rozava. Every collection is driven by a strong core idea, yet still open for an interpretation. We try to reflect the modern world and show it through the designs and prints.

Anastasiya Rozava

Since my early childhood I have been drawing, plunging into my own world. Then I started sewing and knitting with my grandma. I finished Children’s Art School and in 2015 graduated from Fashion Design University.

In 2016 I won “Sabotage” Lviv Fashion Week competition and shortly joined a CHERESHNIVSKA team. 

So everything develops until now, new techniques, new vision, and after 24 of February probably a new world and new me.

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  • VOGUE Britain

    Born in Belarus, Anastasiya Rozova studied fashion design at Vitebsk State Technological University, graduating in 2015. She joined Chereshnivska the following year and became co-owner in 2017. 

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    "Your support on raising the awareness of war, buying goods made in Ukraine, supporting Ukrainian volunteers and army, and informing at all scales are the steps needed as air," said Ukrainian brand Kachorovska

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    Faced with the onset of war and a full-scale invasion by Russia, Ukrainian designers and other fashion executives there offered a stark view of their experience Thursday.

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    Alex Dani, украинский fashion-фотограф, проживающий в Милане, любезно поделился с L’Officiel Monaco яркими моментами из-за кулис мероприятия.

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