Collection: Shadows

The Shadows collection was created to remind us of every moment's value.

The collection's inspiration was our everyday environment, often invisible to us. Shadows - its important component, like an indicator of reality, reflects what is happening at any given time.

Changing throughout the day, depending on the intensity and angle of incidence of light, the inclination of the surface, the transparency of the texture, shadows give depth and additional shape to everything. In the brand's collection we observe the transition from various shades of muted colors to warm red in the finale. The looks include a special combination of fabrics, like wool and translucent silk, completed by hand embroidery.

“This collection wanted to draw attention to what surrounds us, nature and objects, to give them value and fully dig into the moment, enjoy it," - says the brand's designer, Belarusian artist Anastasia Rozova.

This is the third sustainable collection by us. Most materials come from second-hand items, old stock and vintage fabrics.