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Wide Leg Jeans With Embroidery

Wide Leg Jeans With Embroidery

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 Here are your best blue jeans made from secondhand denim clothes. The composition is 100% cotton fabric.

*The composition of the fabric may vary a little depending on the recycled materials.

Our Black Upcycle Jeans are not only made in a patchwork technique to minimize production waste, but they are also crafted from second-hand jeans. We carefully select and acquire pre-owned denim, thoroughly wash and revitalize it, and skillfully cut off any damaged or unusable parts. By creatively transforming these reclaimed materials, we give them new life as unique and sustainable jeans. Each pair of our Blue Upcycle Jeans maintains 100% consistency in style and fit. However, due to the nature of the patchwork process, the combination of patchwork pieces may vary slightly from one pair to another. This individuality adds to the charm and story of each pair, ensuring that your jeans are truly one-of-a-kind. Join us in our mission to reduce waste and embrace the beauty of upcycled fashion with our Blue Upcycle Jeans. Each pair carries its own unique narrative, blending sustainability, style, and the art of creative reinvention.

The loops, two side pockets, zip and button up fastening.  

These are unique patchwork jeans which combine great with tops , shirts, jackets and make every look special. You can create contrasting looks as with formal wear style, as combine with more casual wear for a street style

For each item the denim details are personally picked up by our designer. 

Made in our design workshop in Lviv, Ukraine. 

Any questions you may have you are welcome to email us


Size Guide

Size Waist Hips

66 cm

(26 in)

92 cm

(36 in)


70 cm

(27,5 in)

 96 cm

(38 in)


74 cm

(29 in)

 100 cm

(39 in)


78 cm

(31 in)

 104 cm

(41 in)

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